Financing Your Education

Financing your education is a critical component of your time here at Carleton. While this can seem overwhelming at first, there are many different ways to help finance your education at Carleton. This section will guide you through understanding your tuition costs and student fees as well as the various ways that you can finance your education.

Tip: Before you register for courses, you can use our Fee Estimator to estimate what your fees will be for the academic year. The estimator takes into account your year of study, program and how many courses you will be registering in to provide you with an estimate that is as accurate as possible.

Get Started

After you complete your registration you can find out how much you will need to pay by logging into Carleton Central and clicking on ‘Calculate Amount to Pay’ under the ‘Registration’ heading. As a student at Carleton University, you are responsible for paying your fees on time, as well as keeping yourself informed about the fees on your student account. Make sure you regularly check your account balance on Carleton Central as it will always reflect your current fees on your account, and is updated whenever new charges or payments are applied.

At Carleton, you have a few options to pay your tuition:

  • Electronic Banking (Internet or Touch-Tone Telephone Banking) (our preferred method)
  • Mail (Cheque, Money Order, Bank Draft – No Cash)
  • International Currency Transfer (preferred method for international payments)
  • Paying by Payroll Deduction (eligible students only)

While at university, you are responsible for ensuring that you are aware of all upcoming and relevant dates and deadlines. Make sure you take note of all upcoming financial dates and deadlines in a planner, a whiteboard in your room, in your calendar, or with an alarm on your phone. The Student Accounts Office and the Awards and Financial Aid Office will publish important financial dates and deadlines well ahead of time so that you are prepared to meet them. Visit their websites to find out this year’s dates and deadlines.

Top 4 Finances Tips